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Brittany Blair

 Realtor  Sales Representative 
St Catharines Head Office
353 Lake Street
St Catharines, ON L2N 7G4
(905) 935-8001
I don't know what it was, maybe growing up with grandparents that dabbled in real estate investing and would take me to their properties to do walk-throughs and teach me little things here and there. Or was it because my mom loved to drive around neighborhoods and look at all the different kinds of homes. Seeing families at the dinner table enjoying dinner together, or seeing other kids running around the front yard, something about it lit a fire in my heart. I took the healthcare path and worked in long term care as I started schooling for my real estate license. A year and a bit later, here I am. 
Born and raised in the Niagara Region, as well as playing competitive sports through all the neighborhoods Niagara has to offer, I've learned (almost) every inch of the Niagara region. I personally love exploring the region, whether that's hiking, eating at local restaurants, attending events, or of course experiencing all the different wineries it has to offer. Niagara is definitely a place I can say I am experienced in. 
I love the feeling of helping couples and families find where home is for them. Through my type A personality I want to make sure I'm giving my clients the best experience by thoroughly educating them on every step of the way, and having fun along the journey.  
I look forward to working alongside you, and helping you fall in love with Niagara.  

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